Staying connected: New report on passenger experience and onboard WiFi

Discover insights on how train WiFi impacts mode of travel choices

Find out:

  • How many adults in the survey would be more likely to consider taking the train over other modes of transport if they had access to fast, reliable onboard WiFi and how this differs by age group
  • Insights about business and leisure passengers’ propensity to travel by train and how perceptions of WiFi impact this
  • How many people are unsatisfied with the current levels of onboard WiFi
People are connected like never before: for work, staying in touch and accessing entertainment.

In a world where instant connectivity is seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, the lack of connection and train WiFi is inconvenient and disruptive to both leisure and business passengers.

This report uncovers the UK general public’s attitude to internet connectivity on trains and how this impacts their travel choices.

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Themes and insights

The research revealed various observations, but overall demonstrated the demand for improved WiFi on railway networks.

Overall, 70% of respondents stated reliable onboard WiFi is important (very or fairly), this increased to 77% for the 25-34 age group. 

Interested in finding out more insights on the need, demand, and opportunity for delivering super-fast, reliable internet connectivity on trains?

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70% respondents state that reliable on-board WiFi is important

Solving poor WiFi connection on trains

To make rail the first choice of travel we need to give passengers the connectivity they have at work and home. evo-rail is proud to be the exclusive provider of rail-5G(mmWave) track-to-train communications solution, an innovative solution that will revolutionise your passengers' connectivity.

Find out more about rail-5g, our super-fast, always-available, gigabit-enabled WiFi.

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