Driving forward net-zero: The role of superfast train Wi-Fi in sustainable transport

Discover how superfast, always-on rail Wi-Fi on our trains will enhance passenger experience and encourage greener travel choices

Discover key insights:

  • Rail needs to be the most attractive form of travel for the passenger to empower greener travel choices
  • Reliable Wi-Fi is one of the ways that rail companies can entice travellers, especially those aged 25-34 to create a modal shift
  • Improved connectivity would allow passengers to work effectively during their commute, bringing people back to the office on their terms and enabling levelling up via longer productive commutes
  • rail-5G, developed by evo-rail, is the first multi-gigabit track to train solution built for the railways. It can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of other telecoms solutions

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It’s a well-known fact that transport is one of the most carbon-intensive industries in the UK

While electric vehicles and sustainable aviation fuels are vital in moving towards a sustainable future, we cannot wholly rely on these to decarbonise our transport systems.

Rail represents under 2% of the UK’s transport sector’s emissions. Road transport, on the other hand, is close to 70%.

A shift from dependency on cars towards a less carbon intensive mode of transport, such as rail, is essential.

This report uncovers:

  • The economic and environmental impacts of the UK transport industry
  • The need for a modal shift to rail in the drive to net-zero
  • What rail users think about onboard Wi-Fi services
  • The role of fast and reliable onboard Wi-Fi in encouraging a modal shift
  • Benefits of fast and reliable onboard Wi-Fi to passengers
  • The solution: rail-5G – the first multi-gigabit internet solution built for the railways
  • Financial benefits of rail-5G for the industry

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Solving poor Wi-Fi connection on trains

evo-rail is proud to be the exclusive provider of rail-5G (mmWave) track-to-train communications solution, an innovative solution that will revolutionise your passengers' connectivity. rail-5G can be delivered as a carbon-neutral solution to enable the achievement of net-zero targets alongside encouraging a modal shift.

Find out more about rail-5G, our super-fast, always-available, gigabit-enabled Wi-Fi.

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